The International Society for Clinical Spectroscopy (CLIRSPEC) is a non-profit organisation, constituted in 2015. The Society exists to act as a platform for those individuals, teams and organisations wishing to promote the translation of spectroscopy into the clinical environment, for the general benefit of patients; for example, to improve patient diagnosis and prognosis.

Recent publications by our members

The CLIRSPEC Network (a forerunner of the Society) recently published a review article Clinical Applications of Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy: State of Play and Future Challenges in Analyst
Please contact one of the authors if you would like to receive a copy of this review.

The biochemical, nanomechanical and chemometric signatures of brain cancer
Halina Abramczyk and Anna Imiela
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 188 (2018) 8–19
Probing the action of a novel anti-leukaemic drug therapy at the single cell level using modern vibrational spectroscopy techniques
Joanna L. Denbigh, David Perez-Guaita, Robbin R. Vernooij, Mark J. Tobin, Keith R. Bambery, Yun Xu, Andrew D. Southam, Farhat L. Khanim, Mark T. Drayson, Nicholas P. Lockyer, Royston Goodacre and Bayden R. Wood
Scientific Reports 7(1) (2017)
Malt sprout, an underused beer by-product with promising potential for the growth and dehydration of lactobacilli strains
Luján Cejas, Nelson Romano, Ana Moretti, Pablo Mobili, Marina Golowczyc and Andrea Gómez-Zavaglia
Journal of Food Science and Technology 54(13) (2017) 4464–4472
Comparative study of the structural and physicochemical properties of two food derived antihypertensive tri-peptides, Isoleucine-Proline-Proline and Leucine-Lysine-Proline encapsulated into a chitosan based nanoparticle system
Minna K. Danish, Giuliana Vozza, Hugh J. Byrne, Jesus M. Frias and Sinéad M. Ryan
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 44 (2017) 139–148
Mapping Solvation Environments in Porous Metal–Organic Frameworks with Infrared Chemical Imaging
Ayanjeet Ghosh, Prabuddha Mukherjee, Sanghamitra Deb and Rohit Bhargava
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 8(21) (2017) 5325–5330
Apical-basal polarity of epithelial cells imaged by Raman microscopy and Raman imaging: Capabilities and challenges for cancer research
H. Abramczyk and B. Brozek-Pluska
Journal of Molecular Liquids 245 (2017) 52–61
Dielectric Sphere Clusters as a Model to Understand Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging Data Recorded from Complex Samples
Ilia L. Rasskazov, Nicolas Spegazzini, P. Scott Carney and Rohit Bhargava
Analytical Chemistry 89(20) (2017) 10813–10818
A Natural, Calcium-Rich Marine Multi-mineral Complex Preserves Bone Structure, Composition and Strength in an Ovariectomised Rat Model of Osteoporosis
Orlaith Brennan, Joseph Sweeney, Brian O’Meara, Amro Widaa, Franck Bonnier, Hugh J. Byrne, Denise M. O’Gorman and Fergal J. O’Brien
Calcified Tissue International 101(4) (2017) 445–455
Tissue-specific mineralization defects in the periodontium of the Hyp mouse model of X-linked hypophosphatemia
Benjamin R. Coyac, Guillaume Falgayrac, Brigitte Baroukh, Lotfi Slimani, Jérémy Sadoine, Guillaume Penel, Martin Biosse-Duplan, Thorsten Schinke, Agnès Linglart, Marc D. McKee, Catherine Chaussain and Claire Bardet
Bone 103 (2017) 334–346
Retention systems for extraoral maxillofacial prosthetic implants: a critical review
M.V. Cobein, N.P. Coto, O. Crivello Junior, J.B.D. Lemos, L.M. Vieira, M.L. Pimentel, H.J. Byrne and R.B. Dias
British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 55(8) (2017) 763–769