SCIX Conference 2014

The final programme has been released for the SciX Conference in Reno, Nevada,  28 September – 3 October.

CLIRSPEC are sponsoring a session on Thursday afternoon in
Room N2 with Matt Baker presiding.


1:20694Prospects for Rapid Point of Care Testing with
Vibrational Spectroscopy
Nick Stone
1:40695Biomolecular Vision – Measuring Cellular Tumor
Progression with Spectroscopic Imaging
Rohit Bhargava
2:00696Bacterial Identification by Raman Spectroscopy: A 40+ Species StudyBradford Clay
2:20697Label-free Raman Microspectroscopic Analysis of Live Cells during Abiotic PerturbationsLorna Ashton
2:40698Infrared Spectral Pathology: What are the Most
Significant Barriers to Clinical Implementation?
Peter Gardner

Partly sponsored by CLIRSPEC.

Other talks to watch out for…

Mon 10:20N678Data Fusion Approaches for Linking Different Data Structures: Improved Understanding of Biological SystemsRoy Goodacre
Mon 3:50N3162Multiplexed and Quantitative Detection of Bacterial Pathogens using SERSKaren Faulds & Roy
Mon 3:50N4167FTIR Spectroscopic Imaging and ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy Applied to Histological Analysis of Barrett’s Esophagus BiopsiesSergei Kazarian
Mon 4:50N4170A Multi-Fibre Raman Probe Inside a Hypodermic NeedleIngeborg Iping Petterson & Nick Stone
Tues 4:10N3362The Use of Raman Spectroscopy in Brain Cancer DiagnosticsMatthew Baker
Tues 4:30N3363Non-Invasive Label-Free Detection of Pre-Cancerous Tissue Biomechanics and Composition via micro-Brillouin and Raman MappingFrancesca Palombo & Nick Stone
Wed 11:40N2471Investigating the Use of the SperoTM Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) Infrared Microscope for the Rapid Screening of Cancerous Blood SerumGraeme Clemens & Matt Baker
Wed 2:20N4528Illuminating the Future of Cancer Diagnosis via Serum ATR-FTIR SpectroscopyJames Hands & Matt Baker
Wed 3:50N8594Horses for Courses: Raman and IR Spectroscopies for Molecular Specific Tissue AnalysisNick Stone
Wed 4:50N8597High-throughput Assessment of Prostate Biopsy Tissue using Mega-Mosaicking Infrared Spectroscopic Chemical ImagingPeter Gardner

Posters to watch out for…

Mon 2629Investigating the Effect of Ageing and Substrate Variation on the Raman Spectra of Equine BloodMatt Baker
Mon3235Rapid Discrimination of Maggots Utilising ATR-FTIR SpectroscopyMatt Baker
Tues28230Cutting the Mustard: Evidence of VX Nerve Agent Use from Contaminated White Mustard PlantsMatt Baker
Wed10412Using Vibrational Spectroscopy to Analyse the Composition and Effect of Environmental Factors on Gel Pen Inks
Matt Baker
Wed41444Developing a Feature Extraction and Classification ToolboxMatt Baker
Thurs20630Elemental and Molecular Profiling of Licit, Illicit and Niche Tobacco Rapid Discrimination of Maggots Utilising ATR-FTIR SpectroscopyMatt Baker
Thurs35238Rapid Pre-symptomatic Diagnosis of Sepsis: A Feasibility Study by Infrared SpectroscopyMatt Baker & Ganesh
SCIX Conference 2014