PDRA (Diamond) – IR microscopy via FPA on MIRIAM beamline

Post Doctoral Research Associate on full field IR microscopy via Focal Plane Array (FPA) detector at MIRIAM beamline B22 of Diamond.

Further information is available at:

Deadline: 22 March 2015
Duration: 3 years

The PDRA will first implement a new optics scheme designed to further exploit the SR brightness advantage via the use of high magnification objectives. He/she is then expected to perform in-house/collaborative research within the widest fields of IR applications, from biomedicine to life sciences in general.

For more details please contact gianfelice.cinque@diamond.ac.uk

Lab webpage: http://www.diamond.ac.uk/Home/Beamlines/B22.html


PDRA (Diamond) – IR microscopy via FPA on MIRIAM beamline