WP6: Exeter Whiteboard Topics

Thanks to everyone who attended the workshop on Data Sharing during the Network Conference in Exeter.
Here are the topics that were written on the whiteboards.

  • Publish code
  • Workflow management technologies and plugins for these (Galaxy, Knime, Taverna)
  • Github -> Zenodo -> DOI -> citation(s)
  • R language packages have a suggested citation field.
  • Metadata (data about data) could go into supplementary information relating to a publication.
  • EBI interaction (European Bioinformatics Institute)
  • Chemspider has some spectra from biologically relevant chemicals
  • DNA shifts may require calibration standards
  • Report parameters used when training models
  • Need to record and report the full workflow for each analysis
  • Need the values and reasons behind wavenumber selection for multivaraiate analysis (PCA)
  • Are spectral artifacts a function of the sample?
  • Document and justify your feature selection
  • Need calibration standards eg. NIST and some laser stuff
  • Need reference datasets
  • A “how-to” cookbook would be helpful
  • Record the ethical approval and protocol information
  • Need to document decisions made when choosing controls
  • When reporting on a chemical functionality we should document whether intensity/position of all bands related to that functionality are correlated
  • A “Reporting checklist” would be helpful to indicate required or suggested metadata
  • When reporting average spectra we should also report the standard deviation of the set.
WP6: Exeter Whiteboard Topics