PDRA (Trieste) – SERS of drugs in biofluids

This position has now been filled

There is a post-doc position available for one year renewable for a second year per research in the area of Raman SERS determination of drugs in biofluids.

The project is funded by the Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC).

The Raman lab facility comprises a Raman spectroscope with 4 excitation lines and a lab for nano synthesis. The work will be in close cooperation with the chemistry department for the preparation of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers and with another institution (SISSA) for the preparation of peptide chains necessary for increasing the selectivity toward the drug.

The area of Trieste is unique for research opportunities and contacts, since there is one synchrotron facility, a research hospital, an international center for theoretical physics and a superior school for advanced study, SISSA and, obviously, the university departments.

The net salary is about 1700/1800 Euro per month (the cost for a small apartment in Trieste is about 400-500 Euro per month). The position can be available in rather short time, as of beginning of September 2015. The location is very beautiful, on the sea and one hour of driving away from some good ski resorts.

Please send CV’s to Valter Sergo (sergo@units.it) and in copy to Alois Bonifacio (abonifacio@units.it)

PDRA (Trieste) – SERS of drugs in biofluids