Post-doctoral fellowship – Raman spectroscopy in cosmetic sciences

A research fellowship is available in the Nanomedicines and Nanoprobes research unit located at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Tours, France (

Deadline: 15 February 2018

Raman Confocal Imaging (RCI) enables label free chemical characterization of biological samples at tissue and subcellular levels. Beyond proven capabilities for discrimination of different tissue/cell types, the notion of RCI opens perspectives to monitor and elucidate molecular dynamics induced following exposure to an exogenous agent. Applied to the skin industry, Raman spectroscopy is a most suited analytical tool for the detection and tracking of Active Cosmetic Ingredients (ACI) delivering information about their penetration through the stratum corneum but also their diffusion rate in the underlying layers of the skin. In that context, the EA6295 NMNS (Faculty of Pharmacy, Tours, France) has established a dynamic project involving industrial partners to promote and support RCI for in vitro and ex vivo biological evaluation of new cosmetic formulations. Notably, the host laboratory is specialized in the development of nano-carriers aiming to increase the availability of ACI at skin surface hence to potentially enhance their penetration. Such delivery systems remains particularly used in the research environment however optimization of RCI will also be beneficial to screen and identify the most efficient nano-encapsulating strategies in order to support potential future commercialization.

In that framework, the COSMETOSCIENCES Programme is looking for a senior research scientist to support these explorations and bring expert’s insights. Candidates should have at least 5 years post-doctoral experience.

Details can be found here:

For any further information on the mission, applicants can liaise with Franck Bonnier at


Post-doctoral fellowship – Raman spectroscopy in cosmetic sciences