Job: Post-doctoral Research Associate at Diamond

IR Imaging and adaptive optics:
Post Doctoral Research Associate

Diamond Light Source – Life Science
MIRIAM beamline B22
Salary range (Full Time) £33,297 to £39,172 per annum (Discretionary range to £45,048)
Full time / Fixed term 3 years
Provisional Interview Dates Middle of November 2018
Closing Date  28/10/2018

Ref No 10053

The Multimode InfraRed Imaging And Microspectroscopy (MIRIAM) Beamline B22, is a state-of-the-art IR facility, providing the highest spatial resolution and molecular sensitivity optically attainable over the full IR range, including THz.

B22 is recruiting a Post-Doctoral Research Associate for primary research in full-field IR microscopy via FPA detector and Synchrotron IR illumination. The experimental project is focused on a novel use of adaptive optics, to produce high-contrast IR images and high signal-to-noise spectra at every pixel of the FPA detector. The Diamond position will be based at the MIRIAM Beamline B22 of Diamond, with research in collaboration with the Department of Engineering Science at Oxford University.

The development of FPA-SR has provided a new frontier in live-cell imaging where molecular changes in cellular machinery can be monitored over time (Quaroni et al. Faraday Discussions 2015 DOI:10.1039/C5FD00156K). Furthermore, the combination of high magnification (36x or 74x) objectives and SR illumination enables rapid IR full-field microscopy in high-definition with significant image oversampling.

Suitable candidates should be familiar with spectroscopy and microscopy techniques, preferentially IR or vibrational imaging/microscopy. Following full commissioning of the adaptive optics system, the post also provides the opportunity for the successful candidate to develop their own research focus, which would ideally benefit from the application of the IR imaging system via FPA detector and SR illumination.  Moreover, the position will offer opportunities to participate in user experiments at B22, which cover a wide variety of disciplines, as well as, working in collaboration with external users and beamline staff for in-house experiments.

Job: Post-doctoral Research Associate at Diamond