CALL FOR PAPERS Special Issue – Biomedical Imaging Highlights

CALL FOR PAPERS Special Issue – Biomedical Imaging Highlights

Editors Bayden R. Wood and Michael J. Walsh

Final submission date December 31st 2020

We are pleased to announce a special issue of Clinical Spectroscopy, an Elsevier journal; “Biomedical Imaging Highlights”. This special issue aims to highlight eye capturing images that underpin new insights into molecular understanding of tissues and cells. The scope of the issue will cover all aspects of spectroscopic imaging including instrumentation, methodologies and image processing that provide new insights and means to investigate disease progression and therapies. We encourage short articles that show proof of concept using spectroscopic imaging modalities with a special focus on clinical samples.

The continuing development and advances in spectroscopic imaging underpinned by advances in multivariate and machine learning signal processing facilitates the translation of spectroscopy to the clinic by providing pathologists with a visual image of the cells and tissues that can be directly correlated with histological assays. The new generation of imaging spectrometers and configurations including Focal Plane Array imaging microscopes, Raman confocal imaging, Atomic Force Microscopy-Infrared (AFM-IR), Photothermal IR, Multimodal Raman/IR systems, 3D-infrared tomography, Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering, Tip Enhanced Raman scattering and many more that enable the pathology of disease to be studied in rapid time and at cellular and sub-cellular resolution providing researchers with new insights into pathological processes and the chance to discover novel disease biomarkers.

To expedite both the review and publication process we are encouraging short notes of no more than 2000 words with a maximum of four figures including at least one eye capturing image. Invited articles for this special issue will appear online as soon as accepted and the publication costs waivered. We look forward to receiving your contribution to this special edition of Clinical Spectroscopy – Biomedical Imaging Highlights.

Yours sincerely,

Bayden R. Wood and Michael J. Walsh

Editors Clinical Spectroscopy

CALL FOR PAPERS Special Issue – Biomedical Imaging Highlights