Objective 6

To develop inter-group data sharing protocols and portal



  • Assess current spectral and image data attributes from the range of currently employed network instrumentation
  • Develop a standard data transfer format to allow free and easy dissemination of data between network members enhancing collaboration and efficiency of research funding
  • Provide a single software target, easing the development of third party software and its uptake within the clinical arena
  • Investigate the utility of standard spectra for specific diseases
  • Investigate the technological, cultural, ethical and IP issues in order to enable data sharing and reuse

Reasons and added value

At present most of the research groups in the UK are not collaborating. This is leading to potential overlap and in some case a possible waste of valuable resources e.g. bio-bank tissue. In
addition, new data processing algorithms are being developed and it would be extremely advantageous to be able to evaluate these algorithms on spectroscopic data that has already been obtained by another group.

This has already been discussed at a major international meeting “SPEC2012 Shedding Light on Disease” (Thailand Nov 2012) but it is obvious that a national system needs to be in place before broadening this out further. The UK is ideally placed to initiate this national data sharing platform/portal.