Bayden Wood

Bayden Wood is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow, based at Monash University in Melbourne.

His main research is concerned primarily with vibrational spectroscopy of tissues, cells and biomolecules. In particular he is interested in monitoring heme aggregation in single living red blood cells associated with erythrocyte disorders including malaria and sickle cell disease using resonance Raman spectroscopy (RRS).

With several colleagues, he is currently developing techniques to monitor heme-drug interactions in single cells using this technique with particular emphasis on detecting drug interactions with malaria pigment (also known as hemozoin). Other areas of interest include FT-IR microspectroscopy and FT-IR imaging of cells and tissues and developing applications for cancer diagnosis, histocompatibility testing, oocyte development, stem cell research and algae research.

He also has a strong interest in applying multivariate statistics and neural network architectures to the analysis of FT-IR and Raman spectra of bio-samples and producing 4-dimesnsional infrared maps of cells and tissues.


Bayden Wood